We work with people to mitigate poverty, discrimination and inequality and to that humanity fulfills their purpose in a dignifying and healthy environment.


We are committed to protecting the environment, promoting sustainable agro-ecological practices, and combatting climate change


Our interventions are designed to improve nutrition and food security, promote economic growth, create jobs, and improve incomes and livelihoods in Kenya.


We encourage interfaith and inter-cultural dialogue and dia-praxis among communities to create a shift from extremism to understanding, tolerance and cooperation.


We foster partnerships for sustainable development, bringing together diverse stakeholders for mutually beneficial solutions.

Who We Are.

We are Driven by a commitment to socio-economic justice, environmental stewardship, and daring dialogues.

As a faith-based and community-driven organization in Kenya, we envision an inclusive and flourishing society where everyone is valued and has the opportunity to thrive.

Through education, partnership, and dialogue, we aim to unlock the structural resistance that sustains socio-economic and political dominance and oppression.


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Tikvah Center

Where We Work

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“We invite people onto the common ground of our shared humanity; working from the conviction that we are each worthy of love and capable of creating positive changes in our lives and in our communities [for posterity]” Megan DeFranza, PhD


50 Young Mothers

Enrolled in the Mentorship
& Life Skill Program

320 Champions

Trained on Male Involvement
and Healthy Masculinity Image

64 Faith Leaders and
Traditional Actors

trained as Daring Dialogues ToT

500 Adolescents,
Youths and Mothers

Trained as Peer Mentors and

100 Youths and Small
Holder Farmers

engaged in the drought tolerant
crops program.

9000 Trees

planted through
Tree4Life Campaign

2500 Youths

have gone through the
Life-skill Program and
Mentorship Bootcamps

Success Stories.

Empowering Youths and Small Holder Farmers through Drought-Tolerant Crops

In collaboration with local youth groups and small holder farmers, we introduced innovative farming techniques and provided training on climate-smart technologies. Together, we embraced the cultivation of drought-tolerant crops that are adapted to withstand challenging weather conditions.

Through our program, these dedicated individuals not only experienced increased crop yields and improved food security but also witnessed a positive transformation in their livelihoods. They were able to generate sustainable incomes, break the cycle of poverty, and contribute to the economic growth of their communities.

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News & Updates

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Promoting better agricultural practices of drought-tolerant crops among youths in Central Gem Ward, Siaya County

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Religion and Peacemaking: Lessons and Best Practices in Interfaith Dialogue Through FoRB Approach

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Movements Building Through Community Study: Intersectional and Intergenerational Linkages for SRHR Advocacy in Siaya County

As part of efforts to shift norms and raise individual and community awareness, TikVah’s Adolescent and Youth for Awareness, Agency,…

Meet Our Partnes.

Official partners

We are deeply grateful to our partners,  for their generous contributions of time, expertise, and funds – all of which allow us to serve the communities. Together, we address complex issues and successfully leverage our resources to provide essential programming and services. With support from our partners, we can continue to fund existing programs, and create new services in response to emerging needs – all with attention to both the quantity and quality of the support we provide.