Our Team

We are proud of our committed and diverse staff driven by our common goal to foster conditions for dignity and flourishing of humanity

Board Members

Evans Nyesi
Evans is an expert in International Development with a range of experience in research, policy analysis, project management and advocacy. He is also a trained Theologian with interets on the intersection between to systematic theology, culture, and human liberation and progress.
Rev Joyce Apondi
Rev Joyce is an ordained clergy and a parish priest in the Anglican Church of Kenya. She brings on board a wealth of experience in community engagement through pastoral care, nurturing and ministering to the spiritual and emotional needs of the community.
Pamela Anono
Pamella brings in a wealth of experience on Peace Campaign Community outreach, empowering community members with skills on Peace and Conflict resolution, and make them peacemakers in their communities as well as initiating community-led strategies on conflict resolution and peace building.
Stacy Ojwang
Stacy is a clinical officer, with a work experience offering sustainable health care services. She has interests on Youth Empowerment through improved health including control of HIV/AIDS and Mental Health.
Vivian Adhiambo
Vivian is a certified Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Special Education, and Elementary Education. She has passion for working with our youngest learners, and helping children progress in all areas of their development—academic, social, language, and motor. She strives to create a community of learners that nurtures growth in a positive and fun environment.
Dr. Odhiambo Karen Trufena, PhD
Dr. Karen has Professional Expertise Education Assessment and Program Evaluation and Monitoring and Learning and Social Development. She has done extensive research on Competency Based Education Methods and Processes; Program Evaluation[M&E Frameworks] in Education and Social Development; Research and Impact Assessment; Psychological Assessment; Policy Analysis and Development;
Rev. Can. Evans Omollo
The Reverend Evans Omollo is the Assistant Provost and Worship Pillar Minister at All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi. He has a wide experience engaging theologically to address public, existential and contemporary issues in a manner that upholds the dignity of humanity and affirms life
Dedan Mambo
Dedan is a local Government Administrator. He provides a strong link between the community, local traditional and faith-based actors and the policy analysis as well as implementation. He has experience promoting the involvement of religious and traditional leaders in peace-building efforts, community development, dialogue, GBV campaigns, climate justice and mitigation among others.


Daisy S M
Programs Coordinator & Board Secretary
Daisy specializes in teaching physics and chemistry. She has knowledge and experience in multi-stakeholder engagement, leadership, entrepreneurial and managerial skills, supporting the development of informed, strong, and coordinated communities, and the development of community-led and community-based initiatives to provide contextual solutions.
JF Oduor
Finance & Administration
Moses Achok
M & E
Samira Atieno
Office Operations
Dan Abongo
Training and Advocacy
Dan Abongo is a trained Counseling Psychologist. He is an SRHR advocate and Youth Empowerment enthusiast with vast experience in Inter-government Relations, grass-root and political mobilization, learning and policy support, community systems strengthening, capacity building, lobby and gender inclusion.